Real-Time Operations Surveillance Service (ROPS)


Real-Time Operations Surveillance Service (ROPS)

(ROPS) is our superior remote support service that is ideal for clients who desire K&M’s technical oversight during their operations while trying to keep costs low by not having personnel at the wellsite.

ROPS is provided by our Operational Support Specialists where up to three rigs can be monitored simultaneously.

ROPS supports critical aspects of drilling operations, including monitoring every connection, as well as operational practices used at the wellsite to ensure that appropriate practices and actions are being implemented.

The deliverables from the inclusion of the ROPS service will be important to the execution of the current well.

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Operational Practice Support
  • Identification of Wellbore Hazards
  • Daily DDR

The lessons learned from the operation will be captured at an end of well report and provided to the client at the conclusion of the service to ensure future wells can benefit from these experiences.

K&M Remote Operations identifies wellbore instability and reduces stuck pipe risk in long lateral sections

K&M Remote Operations Services (ROPS) identified the onset of wellbore instability by comparing streaming real-time data to Torque & Drag models tailored for the extended reach drilling environment. Client was alerted to geohazards and able to implement K&M’s recommendations for avoiding a stuck pipe event.


  • Target formation contained laterally variable fluvial deposits consisting of competent sands (pay zone) with unpredictable
  • Production lateral section drilled at 89-92° inclination and sub-parallel to bedding dip, increasing the risk of formation breakout, bedding plane instability and stuck pipe events (Figure 1). Typically, to maintain a stable wellbore, higher mud weights must be used and swabbing loads must be minimized, however geomechanical constraints in the area were limiting.
  • No onsite personnel trained in identifying and reporting cavings relating to wellbore instability.
  • Existing operational practices prioritized fast connections and tripping speeds, as a result previous wells experienced stuck BHAs and unsuccessful casing runs due to instability and poor management practices.


  • Generate T&D Models in lateral section.
  • Ensure accurate and consistent practices were conducted to obtain T&D data
  • Evaluate the condition of the wellbore while drilling, identify unstable zones


  • Clear, abnormal drag trends were observed immediately after intersecting an unstable shale interval (Fig. 2).
  • Wellsite personnel were alerted to the potential geohazard and K&M recommendations concerning mud weights, connection procedures, clean up cycles, backreaming parameters and tripping practices were implemented.
  • Stuck pipe risks were reduced, the BHA was tripped out of hole successfully and casing was run to a depth isolating the unstable shale interval.
  • A post job review was delivered, which provided future prevention and operational solutions to managing wellbore instability risks. These included recommendations at both the design and execution stages
  • Client commissioned K&M Engineering & Geomechanical team to further investigate the optimization of their lateral design.

Figure 1. Steronet displaying how wellbore deviation from vertical and horizonal stress variation impacts breakout gradients.


Figure 2. Drag model ‘roadmap’ for 6⅛" lateral section displaying off bottom hook loads (PUSO weights). Note the abnormal drag trends correlating with the high GR shale interval and the source of instability.

Operational Support - Crew Models


K&M’s Wellsite TOPS Service is our superior Operation support service

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Remote and Hybrid TOPS Service introduced

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