Advanced Well Design and Stuck Pipe Prevention Virtual Training

Advanced Well Design, and Stuck Pipe Prevention Virtual Training Course

K&M Technology Group is proud to offer our second virtual training course, Advanced Well Design, and Stuck Pipe Prevention Training. This course will complement the current virtual training that has been offered and will follow a similar format with a mix of pre-recorded training material that can be viewed at the attendee’s own time and pace followed by virtual instructor-led training to cover more advanced subjects. Participants must first complete the “ERD and Complex Well Design and Execution Training” as a prerequisite.

What to Expect:

The training course will begin with an introductory session led by a K&M Instructor which will consist of a refresher of the previous course’s main concepts and an introduction to the current course material. Upon the conclusion of the introductory session, the attendees will be given access to the pre-recorded videos that cover the following topics:

  • Running Casing and Liners in Loner Reach Wells
  • Cementing Challenges at High Inclination
  • Torque, Drag and Hydraulics Modeling
  • Drill String Design
  • Risk Mitigation including:
    • differential sticking
    • casing and drill pipe wear
    • navigating narrow mud weight windows
    • discussing advantages and limitations of managed pressure drilling
  • Well Design and Rig Sizing

During the pre-recorded material section, a quiz will be presented to each attendee at the conclusion of each topic.  In order for the attendees to attend the virtual instructor led training, they must all meet the minimum passing requirements on each quiz.

The instructor led training will be approximately2 hours each in length each day for two days and  will cover more advanced topics that normally result in more discussions in our normal instructor led training. There will be two sections covered per day: One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

By the end of this course and including the material from the prerequisite course, attendees would have covered all the material covered in our 5 day, in person, instructor led course with knowledge on the following topic:

  • How to prevent stuck pipe events
  • How to ensure casing and liners reach their intended setting depths with competent cement jobs
  • How to use torque, drag and hydraulic simulators to better design wells and evaluate hole condition while drilling the completing the well
  • How alterations to one section of the well can improve or reduce the chance of successfully completing the entire well.

During the Well Design and Rig Sizing Section, a case study will be shared where a well design is reviewed, limitations identified, and solutions are proposed to maximize the probability of completing the well with minimum down time.

Who should attend:

All Engineering and Execution Staff, particularly those with influence on the operation including: Drilling Engineer, Completions Engineers, Engineering Managers, Drilling Supervisors, Drilling Superintendents, Drilling Operations Managers, Directional Drillers, Mud Engineers, Service Company personnel involved in planned and execution, key Rig Contractor personnel etc.

Cost: $1,550

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