Lower ECD

Did you know that in a high angle well, poor hole cleaning results in lower ECD? This is contrary to the popular belife that ECD increases when hole cleaning is poor. The reason that ECD decreases with poor hole cleaning is that only cuttings suspended in the mud contributes to ECD while cuttings laying on …

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Hole Cleaning

CHALLENGE Due to logistics challenges, NAF was used for drilling the low-angle 26° section. Over the course of years, this resulted in pack-offs which in turn caused losses, bent drill pipe, and lost BHA. SOLUTION K&M Technology Group first implemented operations practices that prevented pack-offs from occurring, while investigating various avenues to arrive at an …

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ERA Circulating Temperature Model

K&M Technology’s Proprietary Software Platform ERA (Extended Reach Architecture) features a “steady state” circulating temperature model that is used to correct fluid density, downhole rheology, and metallurgical properties of tubulars to adjust for temperature effects. The temperature in the well is computed based on the heat transfer between formation, pipe and fluid in the annulus. …

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Time Based Data

K&M Technology’s Proprietary Software Platform ERA (Extended Reach Architecture) Time Based Data feature (imports bulk time data from drilling recorders and filters out T&D measurements and other drilling parameters)

ERA Wellpath Builder

K&M Technology’s Proprietary Software Platform ERA (Extended Reach Architecture) Wellpath Builder feature builds well paths from scratch using our built-in design profiles. Just choose your desired profile, enter simple parameters, like desired DLS, TVD and Inclination, and ERA calculates the rest for you. Add targets to drive the design and tie into existing surveys. Proximity …

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ERA MSE Downhole

K&M Technology’s Proprietary Software Platform ERA’s (Extended Reach Architecture) Downhole MSE feature can infer downhole mechanical specific energy (MSE) using surface parameters by backing out the drill string’s contribution to surface-measured loads. ERA can also utilize downhole measurement, allowing users to compare two independent methods of calculating MSE at the bit. This approach yields unique …

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