Complex Wells

K&M Technology Group provides a wide range of services from offset well analyses and mechanical feasibility studies, to detailed well planning for complex drilling projects.

Providing Solutions for Complex Problems

A complex well is once which provides engineering or drilling problems that are out of the ordinary. K+M Technology Group's team of experts work with you to find solutions to your most complex drilling problems.

Effective Solutions For Difficult Projects

  • State of the art expertise in complex drilling wells 
  • A team dedicated to increasing your production and productivity 
  • User-friendly and accurate software 
  • Remote services to provide cost-effective support as soon as you may need us
  • Custom-designed training and programs specifically for your complex well drilling problems

Physics-Based Drilling Analysis Case Study


• Low ROP, premature tool failure & excessive bit wear were common issuesexperienced by client
• Interbedded & laterally variable fluvial deposits containing very hard & abrasive sands ranging from 20-30ksi UCS.
• No downhole real-time drilling measurements available for MSE calculation

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