Extended Reach Architect (ERA) Live Online Software

In 2019, K&M set out to add the largest feature addition to ERA since its inception in 2012. K&M is happy to introduce ERA Live, a cloud-based feature of ERA that will significantly increase productivity and collaboration. ERA Live streamlines the data transfer process by permitting users to stream WITSML data from their Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR) system in real-time where the data will be compared against  ERA's industry-leading models to make a real-time optimization truly dynamic.  ERA Live will provide users with a live view of the occurrences in the wellbore to allow users to make well-informed and data-driven decisions quickly and easily in real-time.

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Key Advantages

ERA Live also facilitates greater collaboration between team members by utilizing secured cloud-based technology, allowing projects to be shared securely without the need of exporting files. This online functionality will result in further collaboration between team members, saving time and money.


Real Time

ERA Live is the secure cloud-based backend for the existing PC application, Extended Reach Architect. ERA Live will gather drilling data from third-party EDR data stores, process and store the data on the Microsoft Azure cloud and then send processed data to the existing PC app for real-time analysis of drilling operations. Additionally, ERA Live stores your projects securely on the cloud for easy collaboration between team members.


ERA's proven algorithms are field-proven and used on a daily basis on the most challenging wells in the world. Utilizing the functionality and proven algorithms will give every user the confidence that their model will not be static, but dynamic and will update as conditions change in real-time. In today's world, drilling operations move at higher speeds, every engineer needs to interpret their data as quickly as possible. As K&M is the best in the industry, ERA Live can give you the confidence to make the right decision the first time.


K&M is excited to announce the next phase in ERA Live Development - Live Dashboards! These browser-based dashboards will make ERA's state-of-the-art modeling outputs available to anyone with an internet connection. Live data from the rig will be shown in relation to ERA's industry-leading models to identify drilling issues or optimization opportunities from anywhere in real-time. These dashboards will allow everyone in the operation, from drillers to VPs, to see the same data-driven insights, so that everyone in the team is "on the same page" and working towards the common goal of drilling faster, safer, and more efficiently.

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