Feedback Friday – Country Well Construction Drilling Manager

Feedback directly from a Global Operator – Country Well Construction Drilling Manager.

“At the planning stage [Operator’s] drilling team was provided with very detailed and comprehensive engineering study which helped us to confirm technical feasibility of current wells and certainly contributed to the decision taken on [Operator’s] 2020 drilling program.  ERD training that was conducted for the entire operational team prior to spud of drilling activities allowed us to line up the operations team, drilling contractor and service providers in achieving project goals in a safe and efficient manner. And finally, we would like to make a pointed reference to K&M wellsite operations support service provided by [K&M ERD Advisor]. We highly appreciate his efficient customer-focused approach, high level of details in his work, accountability he [K&M ERD Advisor] has demonstrated, and the overall value added in the success of [Operator’s] drilling campaign. It should be mentioned that all the technical staff deployed by your company in planning, teaching and operations support were highly experienced, efficient, and motivated in their fields of work. Thank you for your assistance in delivering this project and we look forward to continuing working together on other projects in [Country] and around the world.”

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