Hole Condition Reporting Service (HCR)

Hole Condition Reporting Service (HCR)

K&M Technology Group's Hole Condition Reporting (HCR) is one of our remote support service offering and is ideal for clients who have multiple rigs running in the same field of development that need monitoring and modeling support to ensure the operations go as planned.  The advantage of the Hole Condition Reporting service is that one K&M Operations Specialist can oversee the operations on up to 5 wells at a time.  This data collection and reporting service is a good tool for clients to use when tracking the progress of current wells that are similar in design, and when planning future wells.

In order to provide this service, the Specialist must have access to the data needed to effectively model the drilling progress, including the drilling recorder data, drill pipe specifications and tally, BHAs, mud reports, surveys, drilling program, and Driller’s trend sheet.

With one K&M Operations Specialist, the following service will be provided:

  • Step by step written instructions on the connection procedure necessary to safely prepare the hole for turning off the pumps, minimize hydraulic surging, collect torque & drag data, and resume drilling, with consideration given to the required surveying procedure.
  • Prepare and submit daily HCR report that will include a generic description of the operations, a hole condition assessment, roadmap plots including hindcasts and lookaheads and recommendations when necessary on the current operation.
  • Use drilling data recorders to compile and extract the necessary data points required for reporting.
  • Model side-forces and monitor for signs of casing wear in pre-section analysis
  • Provide swab modeling and tripping schedules for defined wellbore pressure limits
  • Conduct pre-job modeling of hydraulic loads for cement jobs of casing and liners.
  • Provide Torque and Drag modeling to predict loads required to successfully set liner hangers and packers
  • Liaise with the other service providers and client representatives to ensure best ERD operational practices are understood and maintained

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