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K&M Technology Group is excited to announce its virtual training offering. We have put a lot of effort into coming up with a format that is a good mix of being self-paced, interactive, and equipped for holding participants attention to ensure it is valuable time spent for everyone that chooses to attend our training. We believe we have come up with a format that achieves all of these objectives. Our training will be a mix of recorded training material that can be viewed at the attendee’s own time and pace followed by shorter instructor led training to cover more advanced subjects.


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Training Hours

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Sample Training Schedules:

US Training:

Introductory Session: 9-11 AM (GMT+1)

Following the introduction, the participant will have access to the pre-recorded virtual training with 2 weeks to complete 20 modules with an average duration of approximately 20 mins per module.

3 day sessions: 9 am & 1 pm (GMT+1)

European Training:

Instructor-Led Introduction to Training: 9 am-11 am

Following the introduction, the participant will have access to the pre-recorded virtual training with 2 weeks to complete 20 modules with an average duration of approximately 20 minutes per module.

3 Day Training Sessions

In the week prior to the instructor led training there will be an instructor led introductory section with all attendees. Then all attendees will be given access to videos that cover basic concepts for the following topics:

  • Hole Cleaning
  • Tripping and Backreaming Practices
  • ECD and Surge and Swab
  • Torque, Drag and Buckling Fundamentals
  • Hole Condition Monitoring
  • Basics of Wellbore stability

The attendees must view the videos and submit answers to quizzes to demonstrate that all attendees are at an equal minimal level of knowledge prior to proceeding with the instructor-led training.

The instructor-led training will be short sections (45 min) that will cover more advanced topics and topics that normally result in more discussions in our normal instructor-led training. There will be two sections covered per day. One in the morning and one after lunch. The format for the instructor-led training will be as follows:

  • The instructor will go through prepared material without interruption for 45 min (as to not lose the interest of some of the attendees).
  • At the conclusion of each section, there will be questions that are sent out to all attendees to answer. The goal of these questions is to generate discussions on some of the more advanced concepts.
  • The instructor will then remain available to answer any written questions that were submitted during the prepared material and to answer any further questions attendees may have.
  • We expect the full process to take less than two hours for each section to be covered but may take longer depending on how many questions the attendees have.


Day 1: 9:00 am | 2:00 pm CDT(GMT-5)

 Morning(9am CDT(GMT-5))

-Hole Cleaning

 Afternoon(2pm CDT(GMT-5))

-Tripping and Backreaming Practices

Day 2: 9:00 am | 2:00 pm CDT(GMT-5)

 Morning(9am CDT(GMT-5))

-ECD and Surge Swab Management

 Afternoon(2pm CDT(GMT-5))

-Torque, Drag, Buckling including Wellpath Implications

Day 3: 9:00 am | 2:00 pm CDT(GMT-5)

 Morning(9am CDT(GMT-5))

-Hole Condition Monitoring

 Afternoon(2pm CDT(GMT-5))

-Wellbore Stability


Virtual, complete from home or office

What’s Included:

• Free 30-day trial to K&M modeling software (ERA) including torque, drag, hydraulics and geo-mechanical earth modeling.

• Ability to schedule 2 hours one on one time with a K&M Engineer to discuss specifics related to a project within one month of completing the training. The K&M engineer can answer specific questions related to the project or based on an overview share what he/she would be concerned about, how to check it and offer possible solutions if it is a problem.

• All Attendees will receive a certificate and the course will be worth 24 hours of professional continuing education credit as it is equivalent to K&M 3-Day ERD and Complex Well Design and Execution Training.

Price: $1550 + VAT (where applicable) per person

To Register:

Any questions, email Valerie Puccio


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