K&M Technology Group offers a range of WellDefined Drilling Survey Services. 

K+ M Technology group provides a wide scope of comprehensive WellDefined Drilling survey services to reduce drilling and geological risk by providing the level of well placement accuracy required to prevent geological sidetracks. 

WellDefined Drilling Survey Services Include:

  • WellDefined MWD Survey Correction for Both Lateral Assurance and Vertical Assurance
  • WellDefined Database Survey Management 
  • WellDefined Collision Avoidance Management
  • WellDefined Relief Well Planning Comprised of 7 Different Phases
  • WellDefined Platform/Pad Design 
  • WellDefined Training Courses Including Both Public-External Courses and a 5-Day Advanced Internal Surveying Seminar


  • Unconventional drilling
  • Hardline drilling
  • Pad or multipad drilling
  • Collision avoidance
  • Tight wellbore spacing, geological targets, or TVD
  • Mature field development


  • Increased wellbore accuracy
  • Decreased drilling time
  • Reduced costs
  • Longer Laterals
  • More wells per pad
  • Mitigated collision risk
  • Better TVD control
  • Better reservoir mapping
  • Increased confidence in LWD correlation


  • Applicable to all MWD system
  • 24 / 7 survey processing center
  • Multistation compensation-axial and cross axial interference
  • Sag and BHA deflection correction
  • 3D crustal cube modeling
  • Real-time disturbance compensation
  • Drilling engineering and directional drilling support

Directional surveys produce valuable information for drilling operations. Without accurate and properly maintained surveys, the risk of colliding with another well and losing production increases significantly. Schlumberger drilling survey services optimize drilling applications in real time by providing accurate wellbore positioning data, enabling timely correc­tions to wellbore trajectory without requiring additional tools or onsite per­sonnel. The services are designed for geologists, geophysicists, and drillers who need highly accurate, real-time guidance methods to position horizontal wells precisely while decreasing well spacing. For pad drilling operations, drilling survey services can help drill and place multiple horizontal wells in the reservoir while minimizing the risk of wellbore collision that can result in HSE situations. Integrating these services into pad designs allows simultaneous operations to ensure that drilling and financial objectives are met. The services also increase the size of the drilling target and are available to all MWD service providers for all types of MWD tools.

Drilling Service Flyer

Schlumberger offers standard infield referencing (IFR)
survey tool codes as defined by the Operator Wellbore
Survey Group of the Industry Steering Committee on
Wellbore Survey Accuracy. The IFR1 tool code does not
account for real-time disturbance and requires a
high-resolution local crustal model that must be
created to cover the drilling area of interest. T he IFR2
tool code includes real-time disturbance compensation
and must be deployed at high latitudes to compensate
using a nearby intermagnet magnetic observatory (IMO)
or the disturbance field forward prediction (DFFP)
technique. DFFP is achieved by deploying instruments
to the rigsite and modeling the disturbance effects
using the nearest IMO.

To compensate for axial and crossaxial interference
and to minimize sensors errors. the services utilize a
proprietary multistation technique that is independent
of wellbore orientation and that produces a highly
accurate corrected magnetic azimuth.
Schlumberger drilling survey services are optimized
for efficient land drilling through the deployment of a
centralized survey processing and support center.
which is located in Denver and is operational 24 /?.
Additional support is available from centers in Houston
and Calgary.


When Schlumberger drilling survey services are used in conjunction with an optimized pad design, operators are able to drill and place multiple horizontal wells more precisely.

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