Construct Mechanical Earth Model

Construct Mechanical Earth Model

The geomechanics study or a Mechanical Earth Models (MEMs) evaluate the wellbore stability, pore pressure and fracture gradient to determine the mud weight windows for safe and successful drill a well. The MEM integrated all available data, such as log data and drilling data, to characterize the rock properties (elastic properties, rock strength and friction), the in-situ stresses and the pore pressure prevailing in the field


The data required to construct the mechanical earth model are found in Table 1. 

Item Must have Better to have Nice to have
Field scale Field layout X
Full field review report X
Reservoir Reservoir pressure X
Overburden pressures X
Geology Geological report X
Geological cross-section X
Image log interpretation report X
Formation tops X
Stratigraphic column X
Structural map X
Drilling Daily drilling report X
Strip log / master log / mud logging data X
Deviation Survey X
Stress measurements (XLOT, LOT, MDT, RFT) X
Casing and cementing diagram X

Real-time drilling data (ECD, ROP, Hook load, Pump

rate, Pump pressure, Torque)

Cavings, Cutting reports, pictures X
Log data Sonic data (DTCO, DTSM) X
Image log data (FMI, FMS, SHDT, UBI, OBMI) X
Open hole logs (GR, NPHI, RHOB, CALI, Resistivity) X
LWD data (caliper, resistivity, Density images) X
Elan volumes (VCL, PHIE, PHIT) X
Core Core data (mechanical properties, porosity, density, petrography) X
Core photos X
Seismic Cross line section X
Compressional velocities along the well path X
Inline section X

Table 1 Data required for Geomechanics Model


A single (1) PowerPoint presentation describing the method and results of the mechanical earth model will be provided in addition to an Excel file with the output for the 2-D MEM (specific to the well based on the finalized trajectory). The results of the model will include a TVD plot of the MEM for a vertical well, and a MD plot of the planned well which will both include: pore pressure, low, medium and high risk collapse gradient, minimum horizontal stress and breakdown gradient.

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