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Operational Support

K&M understands that high angle well construction analysis, well design optimization and training can leave clients wondering how best to manage their operations to minimize the risks of making costly mistakes. Therefore, we have found there is a significant demand for operational oversight. K&M offers this oversight by providing a range of operational support services, allowing the client to decide which they feel would be best suited to their needs.

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Real-Time Operating Surveillance Service

  • K&M’s fully remote operational support service
  • This support provides extensive operational oversight during all requested aspects of the operation, including drilling, hole clean up, tripping, running casing, and cementing while keeping costs down
  • This service permits extreme efficiency
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Hybrid Operating Surveillance Service

K&M Technology Groups Hybrid Operational Practices Support (HOPS) is a combination of K&M’s ROPS and TOPS services permitting a K&M Specialist on-site to provide oversight during all critical operations, ensure all recommendations are communicated effectively to the on-site personnel but to reduce personnel on the wellsite as well as costs by providing operational oversight from a remote location away from the wellsite. This service has been received well by all operations who have utilized it where continuous 24-hour support is preferred while keeping costs and wellsite personnel numbers under acceptable thresholds.

In order to provide this service, the Specialist must have access to the data needed to effectively model the drilling progress, including the drilling recorder data, drill pipe specifications and tally, BHAs, mud reports, surveys, drilling program, and Driller’s trend sheet.

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Technical & Operational Practices Support

K&M Technology Group’s Technical & Operational Practices Support (TOPS) is our premium wellsite support service that is ideal for clients who will be drilling technically challenging wells with complex geological structures and pushing the limits of the equipment or rock strength to successfully deliver the well. This service is provided by our Sr. ERD Advisors (of whom most have received a degree in Engineering or Science related subject). It provides support to a variety of aspects of the operation including the engineering facets of well design all the way down to the operational practices used by the driller on the rig floor to ensure that the well is drilled as effectively as possible. The deliverables from the provision of the TOPS service will be a critical aspect for the execution of the current well and the design of future wells in the program and the conclusions drawn from the end of well report will provide technical justification for any changes to future well designs.

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