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K&M offers a range of training for drilling and completion engineers, supervisors, superintendents, rig crews, service company personnel, and geologists.

K&M’s training services have been heralded as the most advanced drilling performance schools in the industry. Through the experience gained in the development and application of leading edge technology in our client wells, K&M’s training courses help to reduce the learning curve in advanced drilling programs. And, all courses are offered as in-person - public or private, or online.

Public in-person classes may be preferred for clients near one of our training centers. This environment offers personal access to instructors and opportunities to meet and network with peers.

Private in-person classes can be arranged at a venue of the client’s choosing and tailored to their specific well challenges.

Online training is an excellent solution to provide groups and/or organizations an option to maintain their knowledge after attending an in-person training.

All course material is developed by K&M and delivered by drilling engineers with firsthand knowledge of the most challenging ERD, Complex, and Horizontal wells in the world. K&M does not utilize third- party instructors.

The training is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it remains relevant. Training includes access to ERA – K&M’s torque, drag and hydraulic software. Students can take a deeper dive into the case studies shared to modify parameters and observe the effect it has on the results. Our students can enter data from their own wells and review the outputs with the instructor.

Courses Offered

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Before training starts

In the week prior to the instructor-led training, there will be an instructor-led introductory section with all attendees. Then all attendees will be given access to videos that cover basic concepts for the following topics: hole cleaning; tripping and backreaming practices; ECD and surge and swab; torque, drag, and buckling fundamentals; hole condition monitoring; and basics of wellbore stability.

Reasons You Should Attend

  • Your wells experience hole cleaning problems at inclinations above 40 degrees
  • Pumping Sweeps and wiper trips do not seem to help
  • Still having cutting coming over the shakers, no matter how long you circulate
  • You have to backream to get out of the hole
  • Your wells regularly come in over budget
  • You had stuck pipe and had to side-track the hole
  • Experiencing trouble getting casing or liners to the planned depth
  • Experience lost circulation while cementing, especially around production casing or liner
  • You do not know what you have problems with your high-angle holes
  • Wellbore instability appears to becoming a bigger problem for you

What You Will Learn

  • What’s different about ERD well design and technology
  • Torque, Drag, Buckling, and Hydraulics Fundamentals and Modeling
  • Hole Cleaning and Hole Condition Monitoring and Management
  • Rig Design and Layout
  • Directional Drilling and Surveying
  • Drillstring and BHA Design and operations
  • Casing and liner design, running and cementing and Casing Flotation

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