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K&M Technology Group Engineering and Operational Support Services are helping reduce well delivery time by as much as 60%. These services can also help mitigate risk in all well construction operations in all types of wells and projects. In risky environments, we save customers money by helping eliminate uncertainty and unnecessary operational cost.


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K&M Technology Group’s engineers offer unique and unbiased advice on design and execution of complex wells. With market leading experience, focused expertise, and cutting-edge analytical tools, our technical staff is second to none. K&M’s proven practices and engineering input into drilling programs are the key ingredient in diagnosing the root cause of problematic wells and offering recommendations that reduce risk of failure in the design phase. This is a key factor in reducing delivery time and completing overall faster well delivery time from spud to production. One look at K&M’s engineering involvement gives a clear indication of the company’s world class capabilities.

Mechanical Earth Model

Mechanical Earth Model

Geomechanics plays a major role in understanding the stability and integrity of the borehole while drilling. The presence of the wellbore and the pressure of the drilling fluid induce changes in the stress state or in the rock. The geomechanics study or a Mechanical Earth Models (MEMs) evaluate the wellbore stability, pore pressure and fracture gradient to determine the mud weight windows to safely and successfully drill a well.


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Case Studies

High Angle Big Hole Case Study

CHALLENGE Drilling and setting casing in two big hole sections at an inclination of 55° in an ultra-deepwater “S” well with poor hole cleaning parameters ...

Shallow Gas Reservoir Case Study

K&M Technical Engineering Services Proved Feasibility Of Drilling A Relief Well That Would Re-Write The Record For The Shallowest Horizontal Well Drilled In Deep Water, ...

ROPS Wellbore Instability Case Study

K&M Remote Operations Services (ROPS) identified the onset of wellbore instability by comparing streaming real-time data to Torque & Drag models tailored for the extended ...