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Online Training

Our training will be a mix of recorded training material that can be viewed at the attendee’s own time and pace followed by shorter instructor led training to cover move advanced subjects. On the same week participants have the option to select the 3-Day Standard training or the 5-Day Advanced training that covers additional complex topics. In the week prior to the instructor led training there will be an instructor led introductory section with all attendees. Then all attendees will be given access to videos that cover basic concepts.

The attendees must view the videos and submit answers to quizzes to demonstrate that all attendees are at an equal minimal level of knowledge prior to proceeding with the instructor led training.

The instructor led training will be two to three short sections (~2 hours each) that will cover more advanced topics and topics that normally result in more discussions in our normal instructor led training.

Prefer in-person training?

Learn more about in-person training and upcoming classes.

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