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Did You Know?

Wellbore Surveying

Are you concerned on a challenging geological target interception, or Well collision avoidance? Designing a complex platform exit strategy? Managing your large well surveying database? ...
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Weak Points

The weak point of a string won’t necessarily occur at surface and won’t necessarily occur in the smaller/weaker pipe either (if running a taper string). ...
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Stuck Pipe Incident On A Long Horizontal Well

Did You Know? When you have a stuck pipe incident on a long horizontal well, we are told to work the pipe in the opposite ...
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Max Overpull

Your Maximum Overpull can be well below the tension limit of your drill pipe? That shallow doglegs can greatly reduce your maximum overpull?What is happening: ...
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Breakover Torque

Breakover (static) torque after connections can be a reliable indicator that the drill string is getting differential stuck. While drilling, connection practices should be tailored ...
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