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Did You Know?

ERA Circulating Temperature Model

K&M Technology’s Proprietary Software Platform ERA (Extended Reach Architecture) features a “steady state” circulating temperature model that is used to correct fluid density, downhole rheology, and metallurgical properties of tubulars to adjust for temperature effects. The temperature in the well is computed based on the heat transfer between formation, pipe and fluid in the annulus. The model accounts for the heat generated by the bit, torsional friction and fluid friction. ERA allows to calibrate the circulating temperature model using three main parameters – Geothermal Temperature – Usually the largest source of heat. Simple or complex definition of geothermal temperature is possible. This should be based on offset wells or temperature surveys. – Inlet Temperature – A fixed value or a function of flowline temperature – Heat Transfer Factor – Calibration factor to account for unknowns related to the fluid composition and annular conditions. The biggest uncertainty.