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Case Study

Physics-Based Drilling Analysis Case Study

K&M Remote Operations Services (ROPS) successfully identified drilling inefficienciesusing accurate MSE calculations tailored for the extended reach drilling environment. Optimized drilling parameters were established and increased drilling performanceresulting in a 30% increase in run footage.


  • Low ROP, premature tool failure & excessive bit wear were common issuesexperienced by client
  • Interbedded & laterally variable fluvial deposits containing very hard & abrasive sands ranging from 20-30ksi UCS.
  • No downhole real-time drilling measurements available for MSE calculation


  • K&M identified that the clients well design was not optimal, resulting in the inability to apply the WOB required to drill the hard formations. Buckling and string generated stick-slip was identified as a key root performance limiter.
  • Mechanical specific energy (MSE) surveillance, WOB / RPM step-test analysis and real-time downhole vibration monitoring were conducted remotely by K&M Remote Operations Team with the objective of reducing drilling inefficiencies.
  • K&M proprietary software (ERA) was used to compute downhole WOB & bit torque for accurate MSE calculations in the extended reach drilling environment


  • Constant and effective communication was established with wellsite personnel, in which K&M drilling practices and parameter recommendations were implemented and adjusted as required to maintain optimal drilling conditions.
  • Significant to total elimination of abnormal wear on bit and downhole tools
  • Immediate ~30% improvement in average run footage drilled with only drilling parameters and practice changes i.e. no changes to bit or BHA