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Did You Know?

ERA Predictive ROP

ERA Software has a Predictive ROP Algorithm – it’s fast and easy to use and one more tool in the box for improving ROP and overall performance improvement. The concept is a simple one, we basically take the MSE Equation and re-arrange it to solve for ROP: Note that there’s a couple of new parameters …

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Lower ECD

Did you know that in a high angle well, poor hole cleaning results in lower ECD? This is contrary to the popular belief that ECD increases when hole cleaning is poor. The reason that ECD decreases with poor hole cleaning is that only cuttings suspended in the mud contributes to ECD while cuttings laying on …

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Torque Friction Factor

In high angle or extended reach wells, Torque is generally not a good indicator of hole condition – in most cases torque friction factors actually REDUCE over the course of a long drilling section. In the example below, a 6000ft section of high angle 9⁷⁄₈” hole was drilled. Right after drilling out the previous casing …

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ERA Circulating Temperature Model

K&M Technology’s Proprietary Software Platform ERA (Extended Reach Architecture) features a “steady state” circulating temperature model that is used to correct fluid density, downhole rheology, and metallurgical properties of tubulars to adjust for temperature effects. The temperature in the well is computed based on the heat transfer between formation, pipe and fluid in the annulus. …

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ERA Sweeps & Tripping Circulations

K&M Technology’s Proprietary Software Platform ERA (Extended Reach Architecture) Sweeps and Tripping Circulation feature allows you to see the pressure (ECD) at any point in the wellbore while a sweep moves through the annulus.

Time Based Data

K&M Technology’s Proprietary Software Platform ERA (Extended Reach Architecture) Time Based Data feature (imports bulk time data from drilling recorders and filters out T&D measurements and other drilling parameters).